So, the game i am more interested in during E3 was more details about TES V: Skyrim. From what I have seen in different videos around the web, its way more improved than the last game. You have better graphics, un-scripted dragons, double spell "wielding" and using them at the same time to have a better spell all together, double wielding, all by using the bumpers. Overall the game seems really good, and i can't wait untill i get my hands on this bad boy.


E3 '11

Well, today after watching Nintendo's press conference, i see who really did their best. Nintendo took the stage and won it. They talked about The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, New Nintendo 3DS games,  and a new console. The new console is the Nintendo Wii U. Its controller with a 6.2" touch screen that can be played with a tv, or the controller can be your tv. Overall Nintendo stole my heart today and they really stole the show.

E3 '11

So who's been following the live streams of E3 2011. I think they are doing good so far except for Microsoft. I am a hardcore gamer and they offered a few selections of games and i must say, i think i am converting to Sony. Sony came out with the PSVita, a 3D monitor bundle, and a bunch of hardcore games. Later today we'll see about Nintendo and their new console. I think overall Sony had the biggest games this year.