Yeah, Its Caturday Again, so Happy caturday :D enjoy the Cats :D


Bad Apple

Have you ever browsed an Image Board and find out about a video that you really enjoy? I did, I LOVE this song but you won't understand it because it is in German, but its a beautiful song. Also I would've posted about another song Called "Big Booty B*tches" but it's an old video, and I didn't have internet for about 2 years or so, so I had a feeling it would be lame, but still, I like it.

any of you guys or gals have any videos you really like, even if they are outdated?


Weird Feelings

So, today in school, a situation rose. I have a friend there that sits next to me in a high school course, and well, I knew her the year prior to this one, but we never really talked. Anyways, these last days, she's been sick, so I tryed to make her feel better (yeah am a good friend like that) and well, we started talking about her day, and then after that she put her head down on the table, facing me. So, I was looking at her left eye, and when we made eye contact, it felt like the whole world slowed down. In reality it felt like we were looking at each other for 2 minutes, but in reality it was less than a second. While we were looking at each other, i like felt in love with her eye, then she smiled, and made me feel fuzzy. Yeah, yeah I know what you are asking. Is there a point this anectdote? Am I in need to talk to someone about my emotions?

Well, yes and sadly yes. What I wanted to ask you guys was:
Have you ever had a friend that you had no special feelings towards them, but when both of you made eye contact, it was like your mind told you something else.

so yeah, gotta hate hormones, making you want to love and hump everything you lay your eyes on. :|

Time Wasters

Tone Matrix (left) and Inudge (right)
Hello music adoring peoples. Today I present you two little toys named Tone Matrix and Inudge. They are fun to experiment with and the songs sound like if you weren't totally putting random squares.They are free, with no limits what so ever. The only draw back I found is that I could not download them. Since I like to have games on my flash drive to show off, it was a disappointment. Overall, they are both good games, fun, it requires no skill, and they are free, so visit their websites and have fun. :D


Photoshop Tuesdays!!

I'ts Tuesday and that means that today is the first day for something called "Photoshop Tuesdays."
Since it is the first "Shop-day," I thought of teaching you how to make a simple wallpaper. This is mostly aimed at people who don't really know how to do much, so if you know the basics, then you might not be so interested on it. Next Tuesday, I am thinking of teaching you about "Color Swapping" or where you change the color of a person's eyes, a car, or almost anything.

[NOTE: If you think I should improve on something, explain further, or anything about Photoshop Tuesdays please leave your thoughts on a comment, or if you wanna remain anonymous, email me at super3011@gmail.com and I will try to answer those questions or answers in the next post.]


Triple Post?!?! WTF??

Ok, so why exactly am I triple posting? The only reason why is because of Omegle™ Video. Yes, I posted about Omegle™ Video yesterday, but what I cannot comprehend is the fact that there is children in there!! So basically, this is like a rant."A rant about what?," you may ask. A rant about 12 year olds on webcam-enabled websites.I mean, why exactly are there 12 year old children on Omegle™ Video, i mean there are guys with their dicks out, and Pedophiles. I am sorry but who ever their parents are, they need to manage their children's surfing history more. I understand if someone who is 15 years or older is on  Omegle™ Video because they are more mature, but 12 year olds are still children and it just makes me feel awful when I am doing my virtual cam with a 18+ trolling video and next thing you know, that kid is looking at boobs :|

But please remember that this is my opinion and really, if I offend someone then I am sorry :|
So, how about you guys? what's your opinion on stuff like this.


Hello once again guys and girls, I just wanted to let you know that on Tuesdays I am going to begin a little something called *drum roll* PHOTOSHOP TUESDAYS!
Every Tuesday, i am going to show you how to do something on Photoshop, a lot of it is going to be simple, and easy to learn, and all you would need is the following:

Cs4 and

or PCP for short. Please do not Expect something like "How to turn the Mona Lisa into a horse" just projects that average people would do, like wallpapers, or changing colors on a picture. :D 
So now you have something to look for on Tuesdays!

Mr. Debater!

Hello guys, how's it hanging? Sorry if this is a late post, but since I go to school, I can't really help it, so bare with me :) Do you guys have any close friends or best friends where you all like almost the same thing, EXCEPT for one thing that he or she likes, but you like something way different?


Trolling Omegle™ :D

So this post is about how I used Omegle™ to troll some people. Sure, some of you think it's annoying, and just the "cancer killing the internet" but when you do it, it's fun as heck! I made people get pissed off, "yell" at me, call me racist, and i made some believe i was a 12 y.o. chick (yeah, there are Pedophiles on the internet) but something beats all that. I know most of you have heard of Chatroullette, and I tried to troll it, but I couldn't, so I trolled Omegle™ Video. I have a virtual webcam, so I put a video of a chick from youtube, and all I can say that some people could not believe what was happening.The clip sure got some people's attention, such as "Niiice" "Wondeful" "Work it Girl", and one guy actually knew that it was a video because it was too good to be true. :) But God, Omegle™ Video is full of guys with their dicks out their paints, so unless you want something "Safe for Work" do NOT go there. :|


Well, today I am going to talk about Omegle™, and this will be a double post, since it is like a Pro, and Con. This post is how Awesome Omegle™ is, mainly because last night, about 3 o'clock AM, i was bored, and I went to Omegle™ to troll, (which i will explain in next post) and well, one of those conversations I had the opportunity to acquire a new friend. Sure, it's a long distance friendship, but heck, we have lots to talk about. So go to Omegle™, talk to strangers, and you never know, you might meet your future Best Online Friend. :D



YEAH!!! Today is Caturday!! Even though it's a late post (I almost forgot) there's still some caturday spirit right? What other website has the biggest list of Lolcats, and Caturday posts than http://icanhascheezburger.com/ so give them a visit, satisfy your Lulz and comment on what you think is the best Lolcat picture, link it, describe it, who cares, just make us laugh.
Here is my fav. : Click it!

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is a start of a new day. Today is the start of my blog, and like the description says, its about what i like, my interests, and of course, if you want to talk about yours, then go ahead, its all about being you. I will post as much interesting articles as i can, some Photoshop tutorials, some 4chan content, and just random stuff. Please remember that this is the begging and that there isn't really much for now, but look for it on the future.