Trolling Omegle™ :D

So this post is about how I used Omegle™ to troll some people. Sure, some of you think it's annoying, and just the "cancer killing the internet" but when you do it, it's fun as heck! I made people get pissed off, "yell" at me, call me racist, and i made some believe i was a 12 y.o. chick (yeah, there are Pedophiles on the internet) but something beats all that. I know most of you have heard of Chatroullette, and I tried to troll it, but I couldn't, so I trolled Omegle™ Video. I have a virtual webcam, so I put a video of a chick from youtube, and all I can say that some people could not believe what was happening.The clip sure got some people's attention, such as "Niiice" "Wondeful" "Work it Girl", and one guy actually knew that it was a video because it was too good to be true. :) But God, Omegle™ Video is full of guys with their dicks out their paints, so unless you want something "Safe for Work" do NOT go there. :|


  1. the guys with dicks on omegle are almost as bad as on chatroulette

  2. click,oh penis, click, oh penis, click,oh penis...

  3. i enjoy omegle when im bored :d
    keep em coming man <3