Jay Pharoah

Some of you may already know this guy, and some may not, and no, his name is not will smith, it's actually Jay Pharoah. This guy makes some of the best impersonations that I have ever witnessed. His Eddy Murphy one, oh oh oh, It's so perfect that if you close your eyes, you'll think that it's actually Eddy. Check out the video.



So, yesterday I stumbled upon one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life. Sure, it may be in Russian, but you can sing along :D It's a catchy tune and it's an oldie, so its sure to be a good one. Here is the clip. Please Share the video, with your friends and family, as he will make them smile, and smiling is the best. Also there is a website dedicated to him. Link..


My down Time. :D

So some of you may be asking, what exactly did I do, when I was offline. Well, I have been working on perfecting a certain skill that I have acquired. Well, I have been working around Photoshop, and it's good, but while learning new things, I stumble upon the magic of Video Editing. Will I do it as a profession? no, its just a fun hobby, so it's all amateur. Wanna see what I did? I made 3 Introductions for videos for my Best friend, and you'll see them. Please tell me what you think :D

My first Attempt. Click Meh!.
My Second Attempt, imrpoved. Click Meh 2.
My Latest and Somewhat improved Attempt. Click ME ALSO :D.

Were have you been?!?

I am here to apologize for the abrupt stop of my blog. I am truly sadden to see this happen to such fine establishment. "What could make this happen", you may ask. Well simply, I lost my Internet service a while ago. "How?" may you ask. Well, i forgot to pay the bills, any ways. I am back, although i don't know for how long. Anyways, I will try to resume what i started and hopefully finish it :)