Weird Feelings

So, today in school, a situation rose. I have a friend there that sits next to me in a high school course, and well, I knew her the year prior to this one, but we never really talked. Anyways, these last days, she's been sick, so I tryed to make her feel better (yeah am a good friend like that) and well, we started talking about her day, and then after that she put her head down on the table, facing me. So, I was looking at her left eye, and when we made eye contact, it felt like the whole world slowed down. In reality it felt like we were looking at each other for 2 minutes, but in reality it was less than a second. While we were looking at each other, i like felt in love with her eye, then she smiled, and made me feel fuzzy. Yeah, yeah I know what you are asking. Is there a point this anectdote? Am I in need to talk to someone about my emotions?

Well, yes and sadly yes. What I wanted to ask you guys was:
Have you ever had a friend that you had no special feelings towards them, but when both of you made eye contact, it was like your mind told you something else.

so yeah, gotta hate hormones, making you want to love and hump everything you lay your eyes on. :|


  1. It doesn't get better when you get older either...

  2. That's sweet man. Keep talkin with her, maybe something will come out of it! Is she hot at least?

  3. LOL Make eyecontact. Fap at her for weeks.
    I think there's plenty of SAP related to your case.