Mr. Debater!

Hello guys, how's it hanging? Sorry if this is a late post, but since I go to school, I can't really help it, so bare with me :) Do you guys have any close friends or best friends where you all like almost the same thing, EXCEPT for one thing that he or she likes, but you like something way different?

One day, me and my friend were sharing our views on how we liked our women, and I noticed that our taste in women is very different. Sure we all have likes and dislikes, but we share a lot of the same things, but when we talk about women, literally, we have a kind of debate where it's always like :
"She's WAY prettier than that redhead!"
" Nooooooo, she is sexier and more beautiful than that brunette, look at her!!"
"Ohh Noooo!! SHORT HAIR!!!! DO NOT WANT!!!!! DO NOT WANT!!!!"
So yeah, we sometimes get to an agreement on women, but my question to you is this.
Do you and your close friend or best friend have something that ya'll disagree on, where your view is the opposite of their's? Something that you and your friend never seem to agree on, and sometime even have a discussion to prove that ya'll's point of view  is better than the other'?

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