Triple Post?!?! WTF??

Ok, so why exactly am I triple posting? The only reason why is because of Omegle™ Video. Yes, I posted about Omegle™ Video yesterday, but what I cannot comprehend is the fact that there is children in there!! So basically, this is like a rant."A rant about what?," you may ask. A rant about 12 year olds on webcam-enabled websites.I mean, why exactly are there 12 year old children on Omegle™ Video, i mean there are guys with their dicks out, and Pedophiles. I am sorry but who ever their parents are, they need to manage their children's surfing history more. I understand if someone who is 15 years or older is on  Omegle™ Video because they are more mature, but 12 year olds are still children and it just makes me feel awful when I am doing my virtual cam with a 18+ trolling video and next thing you know, that kid is looking at boobs :|

But please remember that this is my opinion and really, if I offend someone then I am sorry :|
So, how about you guys? what's your opinion on stuff like this.


  1. i completely agree on this one. i find it funny sometimes though when kids see that stuff, their parents should know better.

    i usually follow up with "some things cant be unseen!" and then disconnect haha

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  2. hmm... I don't know what to think about this

  3. showing /s/upport, see you at my place soon /b/rother.

  4. @Fixda Furnback
    no you aren't. The picture on top was put in there so you weren't :P

  5. I feel sort of confused. Still, I'm showing love!

  6. That's amazing, I wish i could have done that!

  7. lol nice blog


  8. until the internet corrupted me, my parents were very vigilant and i thank them for that
    most kids today seem to have zero supervisiont hough